BMW 7 Series Set To Launch In 2016

BMW 7 Series Set To Launch In 2016

In the new and ultra modern BMW 7 Series we see a concept car with some great features and an iconic design. It has an elegant and dramatically different look. It has a new lightweight body, gesture control technology, and plug-in hybrid option which make it a futuristic and idealistic model when compared to others. It is an Ultimate Driving Machine which will be the choice of admiring car enthusiasts.
It boasts of a redesigned iDrive system. The touch screen is easy to operate, and the gesture control is by far its great and finest element. It adjusts volume control, accepts/ rejects incoming calls, deactivates screen and helps in navigation to the home address. Moreover there is an inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, instrument cluster display, a display key, and wireless charging for cell phones. It also has a massaging choice to revitalize the body on long journeys.
It is offered in a long-wheelbase version. It has an added feature of a front and rear self-levelling air suspension. The BMW 7 Series is one of the finest German build cars, and looks good. They have the talent and the features to influence rival and contemporary companies. It is reliable, Sexy, extraordinary, determined and perfect.
Owing to the use of lightweight materials it has around 90 kg reduced weight. It is the first car to use mass-produced carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic with steel and aluminium, and has aluminium doors. The Driving dynamics and performance are excellent. It comes with an amazing technology. It stays two or three steps ahead of others and is proud of this fact. It can achieve a top speed will be around 250 kmph and will have an estimated weight of 1800kg. By far the best feature is Laser Lights.
It produces 320 hp from a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine and the owner is assured of improved efficiency and great response. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission, where the car adjusts automatically. It is beautifully equipped to accommodate driving situation and route profile. It is the direct beneficiary of a developed technology from its i3 and i8 electric cars.
To conclude it is a work of superb craftsmanship and is years ahead than all others. The Germans have set the best standards in automotive engineering and this is a great proof of this assertion. It heralds a new era of automotive technology and combines comfort, luxury and design.

Bloodhound supersonic car aims at record

It has a fin which is one of the most safety-critical aerodynamic surfaces on the vehicle.
The Bloodhound SSC will drive on a straight line as it runs in a dry lake bed of Hakskeen Pan in South Africa where a track of 19 km long, and 3.2 km wide has been cleared. It will attempt to break the land speed record. It will create speedy effect of a transonic, supersonic car and have an aerodynamic grip. It is similar to flying a jet fighter. The tailfin measures 2.5m by 1.8m. The aluminium fin has 139 major parts, five long vertical spars to take loading. They are separated by shorter struts. The frame is covered with a curved skin. There are 10,000 rivet holes. It is a one of a kind prototype. The car is expected to work faster, and cross through the sound barrier and go beyond.
A big high performing fin is in place to reposition the centre of aerodynamic pressure. There will be crisp control. It will start at 480 kmph, before gradually picking speed to close on the sound barrier. The car will run across two campaigns in South Africa with the aim to break the existing land speed record of 1227kmph, and then touch 1,600kmph

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