BMW i8 To Hit India Market In 2015 Price in India 1.3 crores

BMW i8 To Hit India Market In 2015 Price in India 1.3 crores

It is extraordinary in looks which reflects refinement and stands out in the crowd. Its carbon fibre body keeps the weight down. The i8 represents a new shade of radical rethinking of personal transportation in view of climate changes and stress on fossil fuel supplies. It brings in new century efficiency and maintains all the features of a great performance legacy.


The plug-in hybrid drive train gives 22 miles of electric range and the total output reaches 357 horsepower. It is an exotic car bearing the BMW name and offers a dual personality of electric and powerful sport driving. When put it in Sports mode the engine roars and when the gears are shifted it handles the corners better than many others. It is hyper-hybrid and energy-obsessed. The car has a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine valve timing and throttle control technology to produce 228 horsepower and great torque. It is proud of a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine is a variant of 2015 Mini Cooper, when combined with 11-horsepower starter motor, works magic.  Driving the front wheels is powerful and the 5 kilowatt-hour battery pack has sufficient charge. Filling the battery requires 1.5 hours from a 240-volt source, and gives it 35 km of zero-emission range. It goes from 0 to 96 kmph time in 4.2 seconds. The mileage depends on the frequency of charging. It prevents jerks and matches mile for real mile. It has a navigation system to look at the road ahead, and adjust power output in advance of ascents. A remarkable feature is that it is a big energy saver when outside temperatures are not extreme. It has fine acceleration, 357 horsepower, and finest torque with 0-60 in 4.2 seconds.


It sports all the interesting bits. While driving it, more attention is given by one and all.  It has carbon fibre for passenger compartment and aluminium sub-assemblies for engine support and chassis. It is built of exotic material. The look shows black metal box containing the battery pack, placed in mid-body position in the car. It has a J1772 electric vehicle charging port. The i8 has 2+2 seating, and there are padded spaces behind the rear seat.


A great feature is Upward opening doors and a low-slung body. It has accent lighting and various screens around the cockpit.  It is comfortable and light, easy to manoeuvre. The BMW looks like a big cat and its aggression is likeable. The styling of cars matches its character of the car.  This car is really about styling.  It is a real attractive car for a true driving enthusiast.

Driving it is a purely rare experience. It is the vehicle of the future and a German engineering marvel at its best. It is the result of great strides made by its makers. It’s an awesome pretty and flawless car.  It has beautifully futuristic look.  It is aserious contender to others with a price of around 1.3 crores.

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