Tata Motors To Launch New Air Car Airpod Price In India 5 Lakhs

Tata Motors To Launch New Air Car Airpod Price In India 5 Lakhs

Tata Motors comes with Air Car Airpod with French firm Motor Development International (MDI) which runs on compressed air. Tata Motors has planned to launch a car in 2011. The car is launched in second half of 2015 with the Zero Pollution Motors. Aircar is equipped with a joystick with steering wheel. The car accommodates three adults and babies. The car offers a range of 200KMs with a top speed of 80 Km/h.  This is the cheapest car in the World.

Engine Specifications

The car is combined with gasoline, diesel, ethanol and electric plant with the regenerative braking. The compressed air cars are powered by motors driven by high pressure of 30 MPa. The Piston engine is ignited fuel-air mixture. The storage tanks are the contrasts to Hydrogen issues of damage and danger involved. There is 4500 psi making them comparable to steel tanks. The cars are held                with low energy density. There are 50 Wh of energy per litre and weighs 372g per litre. The alead-acid battery contains 60-75 Wh/l. A lithium-ion battery contains about 250-620 Wh/l. The EPA estimates that gasoline is equal to 33.7 kW/h. The typical gasoline engine is 18% efficiency and recovers 1694 Wh/l.  The cars are emission –free at the exhaust. Air Car Factories SA is proposing to develop and build a compressed air engine.


The Airpod has a 175 liter storage tank with compressed air and refill with external pump and electric motor. The first model reaches a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h). The car is best suited for transporting people, small goods and city streets. The tank lasts 125 miles (200 km) and takes only two minutes to fill up again at the average price.


The car is expected of price 5 Lakhs on road.

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