Tesla Motors To Launch Tesla electric car Price Around 18 Lakhs

Tesla Motors To Launch Tesla electric car Price Around 18 Lakhs

Tesla Motors,which has pioneered the American development of electric vehicles, is a name to reckon with among the makers of electric cars. Tesla is an exciting company which plans to enter the Indian market with a sedan that will be priced low based on the pricing susceptibilities of an Indian clientele. It is working on a third-generation car and will target the emerging middle classes of India.It is a feasible idea and will have an original design.It is going global, and will enter India at a price of 18,00,000.

It is a measure confidence and has a 320 KM driving range. In order to succeed in India the charging stations are needed. India is on the verge of becoming a growing economic power house which embraces sustainable energy and with a divergent middle class conversion to electric vehicles is possible and ready for exploitation. It is likely to enter in the last quarter of 2015. It will be an ideal fit for the Indian market since it is an SUV. India loves low priced and affordable SUVS. Tesla has guts and has tasted success in a time when other green power brands have failed.

India takes brands seriously and has an SUV market for luxury car brands. Tesla has a vision which suits upper class Indians. This environment-friendly car will operate as an original equipment manufacturer and in case of any error or defect; the required spare parts need to be acquired from a Tesla-run factory. Tesla as a brand will perform well in the Indian market. It will see a genuine surge in orders for the upgraded model. It has the ability to deliver and show increased production levels to meet the demands of the vast Indian market.

Today it is sound and competitive, and has a profit margin, which serves as a major catalyst for growth. In US Tesla has a strong hold in the market through its plugged-in EV Model S full-size sedan and new, faster dual-motor variants and their experiment is likely to be repeated in India. They have the refreshed line and are ready for a makeover to meet the challenges of an overseas market. It is likely to hit the Indian market somewhere in 2016


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