YAMAHA YZF R153 Into Auto Market In 2015 Price In India 1.5 Lakhs

YAMAHA YZF R153 Into Auto Market In 2015 Price In India 1.5 Lakhs

This Superbike has an insatiable thirst for life. It has amazing technology and is effective and precise. It offers pleasant riding, with no mechanical limitations. It gives a thrilling experience. Overall it has an excellent feel and guarantees solid action. The 15 R1 is more manoeuvrable and comfortable

It has square Inline Four engine, less weight and great durability. The engine has more power and a fast revving character. Its switch gear makes it easy to manipulate electronic settings. The discs are enhanced by 10mm and have mono bloc callipers. It has inbuilt ability to compete and raises the bar for rivals. It has an engine which spins rapidly and is fast and light to respond well. It builds linear, useable power to touch 14,500 rpm. The power band is efficient. Its cylinder head and large valves are designed for great speed.

It has new braking components. It has a speed-loving chassis and the most modern electronics. All components are integrated to works in unison. There is a redesigning to cover fast laps easily. Having nine-way traction control, three-way adjustable slide, and great launch control, which work in complete harmony, and allow great acceleration. The clutch is upgraded. It has a horsepower of 170

The Cast magnesium wheels make it extra agile. This Superbike is slim and has a reduced Wheelbase. Its wheel speed sensors deliver accurate electronic intervention. Moreover the seat is taller, flat and wide. It gives a racy and impressive feel through the turns. It has the finest balance, perfect stability and nice grip. There are new and improved features in design. Its manoeuvrability is a great strength. It’s agile and can be sharply handled. The speed of its suspension action is tuned, and the overall effect of pitch, roll, rear wheel speed and front brake pressure make it work ideally. It has a modern and perfect Slide Control System. It allows right amount of wheel spin. By proper throttle pressure perfect slide can be had at the off turns.

The owner can ride the motorcycle with great control. The new ADVICS mono bloc design works well. It possesses situational awareness on the road. It is prized at 1,19,466/-

14,500 rpm
Cost 1,19,466
149.8 cc

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